ALABEL, SARANGANI PROVINCE - Local rescuers rejoiced as the stranded spinner dolphin "YoYo" was released back to Sarangani Bay Protected Seascape (SBPS) on December 9 after three (3) days of continuous rehabilitation made possible through the joint efforts of the BFAR, DENR, LGU Gensan, LGU Alabel, PNP Maritime, Philippine Coast Guard and Alsons Aquaculture Corporation.
The rescued dolphin was initially stranded at Brgy. Bula, General Santos City on the morning of December 6, where it was found and reported by local residents. Members of the SBPS Megafauna Response Team (MRT) from the DENR, PNP, LGU Gensan, BFAR and Philippine Coast Guard immediately responded and tried rehabilitating the animal on site.
After the first day of rehabilitation, as the team was preparing the rescued dolphin's transfer to a rehabilitation tank, the animal swam away from the shore. However, knowing its weakened condition, the MRT remained on alert for a possible re-stranding.
Roughly two hours later, the same dolphin was found stranded along the shores of Lower Makar, Gensan. The MRT quickly responded to the report and facilitated the animal's transfer to a Circular Rehabilitation Tank offered by the Alsons Group of Companies through Director Miguel Rene A. Dominguez.
"The dolphin was unable to swim and maintain its buoyancy. We decided that it must be brought to an ex situ rehabilitation site to administer the necessary medical attention," SBPS Protected Area Management Office (PAMO) Resident Veterinarian Dr. Roy Mejorada said.
The MRT continually monitored and rehabilitated the animal until it was deemed fit for release. On the morning of December 9, 2022, members of the SBPS-MRT bade goodbye to Dolpin "Yoyo" as they released it back to the waters of Sarangani Bay.
Protected Area Superintendent (PASU) Joy Ologuin thanked the SBPS-MRT for their active efforts in the animal's rescue and the Alsons Group of Companies for providing the needed logistics.
"We are also thankful that Sarangani Bay's coastal communities are aware of the need to conserve and protect our local wildlife," remarked PENRO Sarangani Maria Elvira Lumayag. | With report and photos from PAMO-SBPS