A total of 42 participants from CENRO Kiamba, MENRO Maitum, Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, and local communities took part in the Dakeol Forest Action Planning and orientation of Wildlife Enforcement Officers (WEO) on March 23 in Maitum, Sarangani Province.
According to CENR Officer Abdul D. Cariga, the activity aims to capacitate the departmentโ€™s partners on various environmental laws and to strengthen the conservation and protection efforts in Dakeol Forest, a municipal declared critical habitat.
Forester Ammar H. Sangcopan, chief of the monitoring and enforcement section, presented to the participants the Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines, Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act, Chainsaw Act, and the duties and responsibilities of WEO.
Conservation and Development Section (CDS) Chief Stephany Kaye B. Mangacop said the Maitum has diverse species of flora and fauna and the townโ€™s Dakeol Forest serves as a breeding ground, foraging area, and nesting site of Philippine Eagle โ€œSarangani Pride.โ€
Recently, the CENRO Kiamba CDS team sighted the two Philippine Eagles (juvenile and adult) during their regular monitoring in the Dakeol Forest. (With report and photos from FAMendoza, CENRO Kiamba Alternate IO Designate) | RSCIGM