Some women from various barangay local government units (BLGUs) in Sarangani Province were recently tapped by the DENR Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) of Glan to help the department in reducing the harmful effects of climate change.
With the integration of Gender and Development (GAD) in the development of agency’s programs and projects, the CENRO Glan conducted a communication, education, public awareness (CEPA) campaign to seven (7) BLGUs regarding climate resilience, equitable global governance, and community adaptation to climate change emphasizing the roles and responsibilities of women in nation building and their opinions on gender-responsive climate change mitigation and adaptation.
CENR Officer Dr. Rosalinda B. Cortez said that the activity highlighted the “bayóng making” using plastic strips which advocates an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags.
She said that the program also promoted a livelihood project to provide extra source of income for the beneficiaries of the enhanced National Greening Program (eNGP).
Forester Pinky J. Maglasang, GAD focal person, stressed that everyone has a role to play when it comes to confronting climate crisis and each person must work together to keep moving forward.
“Oftentimes, people need to see practical examples of what real climate action looks like before they themselves act. We are in the fight of our lives, and this fight must be won. We need not to give up, never retreat and keep pushing forward to help mitigate climate change in our own little ways,” She said.
The initiative was also presented to the respective barangay chairpersons for the adoption and implementation of the said project in their areas.
The “Plastic Waste Management and Bayóng making” is a continuous effort of CENRO Glan to involve people’s organizations (POs) and others stakeholders to prevent and significantly reduce plastic wastes starting from their respective homes. | (With report from JCDumanon, CENRO Glan Information Officer Designate)