The Community Environment Natural Resources Office (CENRO-Midsayap) in partnership with the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) of LGU Alamada conducted a tree growing activity and information, education and communication (IEC) on a site which harbors migratory birds at Sitio Lamuyon, Brgy. Barangiran, Alamada, Cotabato last Friday, September 10.
MENRO Danilo A. Puno of LGU Alamada said that he is very happy for the conduct of this activity and thanked the CENRO Midsayap for the full support given.
“We, in the LGU are very grateful to the DENR particularly to CENRO Midsayap for supporting us and extending all the help we need in protecting the natural resources of Alamada. I appeal to the community to report any violations committed against our wildlife to the LGU or to the CENRO”, MENRO Puno said.
Meanwhile, CENRO Larry P. Curias said that the community is fortunate that they have these kinds of resources within their area.
“These birds play an important role to the balance of our environment, our ecosystem. They even serve as biological control, eating pests in your rice fields. Let us help you protect this wildlife, and also help us in protecting them. Together we can do this”, CENRO Curias added.
A total of 150 seedlings of fruit and forest trees were planted on the area during the conducted tree growing.
An IEC was then conducted after the tree growing activity wherein provisions of RA 9147 and information on the roles, purpose and benefits that the Migratory Birds were discussed.
A notification tarpaulin was also installed stating the strict prohibition on the collection, gathering and hunting of all wildlife and the penalty in violation of these acts as provided by RA 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.
Activities conducted were attended and participated by CENRO Midsayap personnel, LGU Alamada, Brgy. Council of Barangiran and the people living nearby the bird area. Health protocols on COVID-19 were duly observed during the activity.
The area which sustains hundreds of birds for their survival, mostly populated by Herons was located within Libungan River Watershed Forest Reserve (LRWFR), an initial component of the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS).
Making LRWFR a legislated Protected Area is a top priority of CENRO Midsayap this year, a step that will strongly protect and properly manage the resources within LRFWR, including these magnificent birds. (With report from Adiel Pamikirin, CENRO Midsayap Information Officer Designate)