The DENR-12 Land Evaluation Section-Regional Delineation Teams (LES-RDTs) are currently conducting the ground delineation of Production Forests for Investment (PFI) in the municipalities of Arakan, Antipas, President Roxas and Magpet in Cotabato Province.
Forester Magad Salic, regional delineation coordinator, explained that it is very important to delineate and map-out the boundaries of protection and production forests as we cannot sustainably manage what we do not know on the ground.
“The ground delineation and mapping of PFI is basically identifying production forests that can be available and suitable for timber and agroforestry production, and other special uses such as ecotourism,” he said.
Forester Gulam Malawani added the RDTs have been conducting the said activities since March of this year. | With report from Forester Zobair Sidic