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A weak grass owl was retrieved yesterday, October 8, by the personnel of the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) of Glan in Sarangani Province after it was rescued by a concerned citizen from Purok Caspot in Barangay Pangyan of the said town.
CENR Officer Abdul D. Cariga said that his office received a text message from Dr. Rino Asperga, municipal veterinarian of Glan, that an alleged “eagle” was found by Galilee Camillon.
Nelson A. Ycon, CENRO Glan’s park maintenance foreman who responded to the report, said that it was a grass owl in a weak state.
The species was immediately brought to the CENRO to ensure its safety.
The office also sought the guidance of Dr. Roy Mejorada of the Sarangani Environmental Conservation and Protection Center for the proper handling and care of the owl.
The grass owl is currently under the custody of the ECPC and will undergo to a rehabilitation. | Courtesy: CENRO Glan