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ENR ACADEMY BASIC COURSE COMPLETED. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Regional Office 12 through its Human Resource Development Section has completed on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 a six-day Environment and Natural Resources Academy (ENRA) basic course webinar series.
The ENRA is a specialized competency development program of the department designed to augment knowledge gaps, calibrate understanding of ENR laws, and sharpen proficiencies of DENR employees to improve the delivery of service to the public.
In his message, Regional Executive Director Atty. Felix S. Alicer encouraged the participants to take the ENRA Basic webinar course as a window of opportunity to grow and be inspired to become future leaders.
“As frontliners, you are the cream of the crop of your respective offices. You are the future leaders of our department. You carry a great responsibility of leading your colleagues, so use this opportunity as there are more in DENR than your current positions”, Alicer stressed.
Forester Zobair B. Sidic, the Chivalry batch president, said that amidst pandemic the regional office continues to adapt new and strategic ways of acquiring knowledge through a webinar course.
“Amidst the struggle brought about by this ongoing pandemic, we continue to adjust and find new ways of learning. t’s not easy in the beginning but in the long run, we will get used to it. This crisis cannot stop us from learning especially in improving our services for the clients”, Zobair emphasized.
Meanwhile, the online class eyes on a community project to complete the 52-hour course requirements, to finally graduate in December, this year. | (Photos by: HRDS12)