Human Resource Development Page


WELCOME to the HRDS Webpage!

It is our great pleasure to introduce the HRDS Webpage. We loaded it with data and information which you may find interesting. We look at this site as a work in progress. We will, thus, gladly welcome all your comments and suggestions and thank those who will help us make this site truly relevant, pleasing and useful. Note that this webpage is just the beginning. We will also establish a user-restricted account to upload photographs and videos of trainings which HRDS has completed.

We hope that this webpage will enable us to better perform the following functions:

a) provide assistance in the promulgation and implementation of office orders, rules and regulations related to human resource development;
b) prepare the HRD plan and programs of the DENR;
c) conduct trainings and evaluate the training programs of DENR offices ;
d) develop and pursue a career development program for DENR personnel; and
e) initiate or support organizational development interventions to promote the Department’s effectiveness in achieving its vision and mission.

In parting, let us underscore the importance of human resources development at DENR. This country can achieve an ecologically-balanced development if DENR delivers. But DENR can effectively deliver only with a well-developed, capable, competent and properly motivated workforce. Providing the right training to the right people and job groups at the right time is our main role at HRDS.

Here is HRDS… at your service!