RED Reynulfo A. Juan Message


“Transparent governance is all about informing you, linking with you and involving you on Environment and Natural Resources pursuits”



Warm greetings and welcome to the Official Website of DENR Region XII.

This portal serves as our gateway of manifesting good governance on environmental management. Linking environmental management with good governance is paramount as addressing concerns on transparency, thus this website serves as our channel of fostering transparent governance.

Here, we are providing you with relevant and substantial information about our programs and projects in managing, conserving and protecting our environment and natural resources. We wanted to bring our services closer to our stakeholders and closer to the people.

The constant and steady stream of information sharing and communication helps build an epitome of a well-functioning bureaucracy.

Feel free to explore what Region XII cares and protects. We are within reach to respond to your environmental concerns. We hope that this could be a medium of creating environmental awareness, could generate acceptance of policies, programs and projects thereby mobilizing public participation.

Let us be part of this environmental advocacy.

God’s blessings to all stewards of the wonders and bounties of nature.



Regional Director






(September 27,2017,Lake Sebu,South Cotabato) Happening Now.Department of Environment and Natural Resources through Ecosystem Research and Development Bureau ERDB with Mining and Degraded Area Rehabilitation Research Center conducts Regional Technology Forum on Invasive Alien Species: Its threats to Environment and Natural Resources,Food and National Security.Chief, ERDB - ZFERD Carmelita I. Villamor (right photo,standing) presents an overview of IAS's negative impacts such as the "Buyo-Buyo" with scientific name, Piper Aducum L. and other floras and faunas that may threat the economic and physiological aspects of Lake Sebu.(KBBenpolok/RPAO/DENRXII)


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