The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region XII is pushing for the formulation of a Foreshore Development and Management Plan (FDMP) for Cotabato City to map out current uses of lands adjacent to the sea for better management and regulation.

The plan shall come up with a guiding framework on the best management scheme to be adopted in a specific environment, particularly on the identification of the highest and best use such as legally permissible, ecologically viable, economically valuable, socially acceptable and compatible with adjacent land uses of a particular area in the foreshore.

Speaking before 25 participants composed of the Technical Working Groups from the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Cotabato City and DENR XII, Regional Director Nilo B Tamoria emphasized the importance of the plan in foreshore areas. “It is indeed timely to have the FDMP for Cotabato City not because of target and compliance but it will serve as a blueprint for future foreshore development and as guideposts for policy redress for the Local Government Unit (LGU). We will outline the plan not only to define jurisdiction because our ecosystem is beyond political boundaries,” Director Tamoria emphasized.

Management plan for the foreshore is as important as zoning in different localities and should not be overlooked since they are vital to the natural environment within their jurisdiction.

Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Hadja Didaw D. Piang-Brahim said that the FDMP should be integrated in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). “The plan will not be comprehensive if it is lacking. It should be based in an inclusive analysis of status, condition, problems and issues covering foreshore lands in Cotabato City”, Director Brahim said.

“There are several conflicting claims in the foreshore areas and these issues and concerns should be addressed in the plan. We need to protect the foreshore and the coastal resources from abuse,” Dir. Brahim added.

Meanwhile, Conservation and Development Division (CDD) Chief, Dr. Ali Hajinasser urged the participation of LGU Cotabato City including the local officials from the concerned barangays to be actively involved in the formulation of the plan. “The success of coming up with a plan depends on the full and active participation of concerned individual and agencies. We will review and harmonize existing policies and regulations in the foreshore in the context of sustainable development. We will see how we could address the issues in ecosystems while ensuring development of human well-being,” Dr. Hajinasser explained.

Foreshore as defined is the part of the shore which is alternately covered and uncovered by ebb and flow of the tide. It also serves as mooring areas for boats and other activities of the fisherfolks, seaports, mangrove forest and reclamation in cities. (RHSumagpao/DENR XII)


DENR XII holds River for the Future Symposium



KORONADAL CITY - The Department of Environment and Natural Resources XII together with the Environmental Management Bureau XII, Mines and Geosciences Bureau XII, Local Government Unit of Koronadal and B’lok Creek Management Council pushed for the “River for the Future Symposium” as a pre-information campaign for the upcoming region-wide simultaneous LINIS ILOG SOX event, yesterday, March 19 at Koronadal City Hall.


Around 150 participants from the different barangays of Koronadal City were informed of the Salient Features of the Solid Waste Management, the Water Quality of the B’lok Creek, Tips on Sustainable Management of Rivers and the Linis Ilog Project.

 DENR XII Regional Executive Director Nilo B. Tamoria underscored that Clean Water is one of DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu’s priority program based on the 10-point agenda. 

 “DENR is committed to improve the conditions of the rivers in the country. Sec. Cimatu ordered the DENR to lead the river clean-up throughout the country, said Director Tamoria.

 Director Tamoria further cited the closure of Boracay and other water bodies and the need to recover from pollution.

 RED Tamoria also encouraged the participants to make it a habit and way of life to clean-up the rivers and manage solid waste that would lead to behavioral change for the people in order to make it more effective.

 “Let us have a continuous effort and contribute in finding a solution to the problem of deteriorating water quality, so that the next generation will inherit a clean quality of water,” he added.

 RED Tamoria together with Koronadal City Administrator Cyrus Urbano encouraged Koronadaleños to take part on the LINIS ILOG SOX Event on March 22, 2019 for the B’lok Creek Clean-Up. (MMAdam)



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